Changes to Bataan Approach

Posted Jul 25, 2016

Climbers going to Bataan will see four new signs from Greymont on the trail. Three of the signs are on the lower part, on the right hand side of the trail as you are heading up. The fourth sign sits across the climber’s trail, some distance above the quarry.

Current access to Bataan is unaffected. Ignore the signs for the time being.

Greymont is expanding its operations westward in the future, and the signs are part of efforts to prevent traffic into areas inside the blast zone. Their present concern is mostly with mountain bikers and people recreating east of our trail. The climber’s trail for the most part will be unaffected by these changes.

One part of the current climber's trail will need to be redirected around the blast zone. Its in process now. Expect to see more information about the trail change in the next while.